Long-Term Rental

At My Florida Property Store, we are pleased to be able to offer the following exclusive program for all investors with Central Florida property through our relationship with Definitive Group LLC.


•  Property Management fee set at 10% of gross monthly rental income for Annual Leases.

•  Property Management fee on month-to-month lease renewals set at 15% of gross monthly rental income.

•  Commission for sourcing a prospective tenant, screening their application and drawing up a lease is 75% of one month’s rent.

•  Lease Renewal Commission is 50% of one month’s rent.

•  No Commission payment on month-to-month lease renewals.


•  Definitive fronts all expenses including all utilities, repairs, taxes, HOA dues, etc. until a tenant is in place.

•  Rent from tenant will be used to repay Definitive.

•  Commission for sourcing tenant and for Lease Renewals is paid monthly.

•  If a tenant is not secured within the first 90 days after purchase, Definitive will waive Commission.


•  Stringent tenant credentials verification

•  Tenants screened for Credit and Criminal History

•  Income paid via ACH direct banking – 3 day processing ($5 ACH fee applies)

•  All payments into your account are received on or before 15th of each month

•  Detailed monthly statements

•  Security deposit held in secure escrow accounts

•  Homeowner adviser appointed to your property

•  Homeowner adviser manages the tenant on your behalf

•  Semi annual report on interior condition of home**

•  Owner approval on repairs over $125.00

•  Photographed and documented repairs if requested

•  Experienced certified Pool Service and Maintenance Technicians

•  Fully Insured

•  Pest control with Orkin – Americas No1

•  Pest Control supplied with free emergency service

•  Tenants emergency assistance 24/7

•  90 days cancellation period

•  DBPR licensed and compliant

•  Access to licensed CPA for tax advice

Provided courtesy of Defintive Group, LLC

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